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Well, first thing first, I have to put up a disclaimer. This blog / journal may or may not contain vulgarity, hence if you wish to read on, please do so at your own discretion. Also, I do not write in perfect English grammar, hence all the Captain Obvious out there, please spare me some slacks.

This piece of writing seems really hard, especially when you’re writing about yourself. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you try it yourself and share with me? And a cup of coffee is on the table, on me!

My name is Jason Au. People call me Jason. Or J. Or Au. Suit yourself, whatever tickle your fancy. I’m born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the place I call home.

One day, there I was, minding my own business, going about life as usual; wondering how to substitute beer for water, telling lies to small children (actually the boogieman will beat your ass) and thinking horrible things about other people. Not that I do it in front of them.

And it hit me. I have a very intimate relationship with my work, one thing had become clear: I had stopped traveling like I used to. Like that time I randomly bombed down to the States. Or when I just up and flew to Bangkok.

I decided, there are much more interesting things you can be doing with your time besides answering some nitwit’s email.

Life for me at the moment, it’s about building a meaningful existence. And that’s one thing none of us can afford to lose. So do yourself a favor: Find the nearest jumbo sized volcano. Let your hair down. Blow that creepy old man a big old kiss. And say YES. After all, your life was made for moments like these.

…But that volcano? Was made for moments like you.


Wanderlustgeek.com is pretty much my digital notebook, purposed at jotting down my passion; travel and eat. And to top it off, I built it on my own, so that designers and programmers will have to source for other clients. Too bad, huh?

There’s no better way to connect with others through food when you travel. It’s how you discover the story behind it and storytelling is what makes it interesting.

Take for example, you wouldn’t want to drink a whiskey mixed with Coca-Cola when you’re in Scotland. Boy, you do not want to do that. Or try coming to Malaysia, ordering Nasi Lemak without Lemak. (It would be best that you do not mention my name, if you decided to try it, good luck!).

Here’s a video of my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand with some of my friends. Why FuckFace you asked? There are some FuckFaces in there, if you do spot it, let me know! Another cup of coffee is on the table, on me!

I know the video wasn’t professionally edited with cinematic experience and visual. Bla bla bla, say all you want. That’s because I don’t fucking owned cinematic photography equipments, nor I have the skills to impose the cinematic impact.

But all of all, hope you enjoy the video and till next time. And the part of getting in touch with me? Email me if you dare.