Authentic Korean Dak Galbi at Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, Sri Petaling

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant serves authentic Dak Galbi dishes, or spicy stir-fried chicken. It is a popular Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang (chili pepper paste).

How is it made in Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, or in general, all ingredients will be prep in advance and separated into a portion itself. You’ll find multiple ingredients in them, such as chunky cabbages, sliced potatoes, cubed chicken thighs, chives, serving of Korean Ramen – Ramyun, kimchi and a dollop of Gochujang.

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

Right at the table where you seated, the staff will then have all the ingredients into the giant pan right in front of you, and stir-fried them till they’re ready to eat! The incredible aroma from the Gochujang as well as the sensation of having food cooks right in front of you, is so much satisfaction when you finally have your bite!

We also ordered the Egg Pajeon, which is the Egg Pancake in Korean style. For this, it’s pretty simple recipe I think. Having the eggs stirred and mixed in with other ingredients like chives and etc, season it well and you can cook this in a non-stick frying pan for 1 to 2 minutes each side.

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

The pancake is not too thin, just good enough for taste of a bite, also the egg is fluffy and not overcooked, hence leaving the tender, and fluffy egg pancake for your enjoyment.

The bill came slightly on the expensive side I think:

  • Dak Galbi – 1 pax – RM 21.00
  • Dak Galbi – 1 pax (Spicy) – RM 22.00
  • Egg Pajeon / Pancake – RM 8.00
  • Extra Ramen / Ramyun – RM 7.00

You can of course order plain water / ice water if you do not want any drinks.

This place is set up to be an open area for cooking, so you’ll see much of open area in the restaurant. The inner area of the restaurant are air-conditioned, hence you may opt for inner seatings if you can’t stand the stuffiness of our country weather. That being said, ladies, be prepared to wash your hair after the meal, because you’re almost marinating your hair with the smell of Gochujang, if you don’t.

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek *That is the lady owner, I think.

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant have multiple branches for your convenience, namely at Mont Kiara – Solaris, Ampang, Puchong and this Sri Petaling branch. I’m sure there are more outlets, however I couldn’t find the listing online.

Here’s for their Facebook

Call: 03-6211 2536 for more information.

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