Authentic Korean BBQ at Saemaeul Korean BBQ Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara

Saemaeul Korean BBQ Restaurant is 1 of those that serves the better variation of the famous, much-loved Korean BBQ cuisine in Malaysia. Among all others, they chose to grill the BBQ over charcoal instead of using gas stove. This give a much better flavour, as well as the charred, smoky texture to the grilled meat and ingredients.

Saemaeul Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

Saemaeul Korean BBQ Restaurant is located in the vicinity of Solaris Mont Kiara, where plenty other restaurants, especially Korean restaurants are located in this area. Some of the famous ones have to be Saemaeul Korean BBQ and Gangnam88. It’s quite hard to get a parking there, especially during rush hour. Hence it’s recommended to get there by taxi or perhaps Uber.

They have quite a huge seating at the corner lot of the restaurants, expanding to 2 lots seating, however, there are even more seatings at the outer area when it’s getting later, which would be the preference, because of the BBQ charcoal smoke, seated outside will have better air circulation.

Saemaeul Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

While ordering at Saemaeul Korean BBQ, it’s pretty much the same as other Korean BBQ restaurants. That being said, we usually order in pax, as in, if I’m there with 2 of my friends, we will usually order 3 pax of Korean BBQ ingredients. And they will serve us with all sort of side dishes and Kimchi is a must!

Saemaeul Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

Another signature dish from Saemaeul Korean BBQ is the rice balls! They will serve the rice and other ingredients in a bowl; dried seaweed, onions, garlic and Gochujang (Korean Red Pepper Sauce) and you’re required to mix them with your hands. Thereafter, you can shape them into a ball shape and grill over the fire. The crunchy outside and tender inside is awesome!

Saemaeul Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

For cheese lover, do rejoice! As recently, they have launched a new menu item, where you can order a bowl of cheese and you can melt it over the fire. Dip it with the grilled meat and other ingredients.

For alcohol lover, I do suggest either the Citrus Soju, or the Banana Makgeolli. Both are nice and easy to drink. Especially the Banana Makgeolli, where everyone said it taste like Banana Milk and it’s only 4% alcohol.

Saemaeul Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

As for Soju, they do have a lot other flavours as well as other alcohol selection, if you’re neither fan of both Soju or Makgeolli.

Saemaeul Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

Here’s for their Facebook. And they’re open from 3pm to 1am.

1-G Jalan Solaris, 4 Mont Kiara 50480
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact Number: 014-368 6050

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