What to eat in Burger & Lobster in Sky Avenue

Burger & Lobster has hailed all the way from London, aggressively invading South East Asia in the recent years. Just last year, they have opened up a branch in Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands and recently I have spotted them in Bangkok, Gaysorn Mall.

Reading from their website – About Us section, In 2011 the story began with 4 schoolmates on a rooftop in London. They came up with the idea to set up a restaurant where the focus was perfecting the craft of just one or two main ingredients. In a small Irish pub in Mayfair the first Burger & Lobster was born.

I have tried once when I was in London years ago and of course it was a fond memories of mine. Just recently I managed to bring myself up to Genting Highlands to give it a try for their localised dish after much hype on Facebook.

Burger & Lobster @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

It took a 45 minutes drive for me to reach Genting Highlands from where I stayed. If you know about Genting Highlands, it’s a resort located at the very peak of the hill in Pahang. They have just renovated what it used to be First World Hotel. After the full revamp, they have gotten numerous famous eatery as an attraction to the place, 1 of it is Burger & Lobster.

Burger & Lobster - Wanderlustgeek

Full with tourist and locals, Burger & Lobster entrance spotted a long queue, packed with people waiting for their turn to give a try at the famous restaurant.

It wasn’t a too bad of a wait, for I have just waited slightly less than 30 minutes and I have gotten my seat. From the outside, you can see its usual look and feel.

Burger & Lobster - Wanderlustgeek

I didn’t managed to capture the full menu in English, except this in Chinese wordings. Apart from the usual, they have a durian dessert in their menu.

What to Eat?

Burger & Lobster - Wanderlustgeek

A must-eat when visiting Burger & Lobster have to be their famous Original Lobster Roll. Served with chips & salad on the side, the roll came with lobster flesh that are cooked and mixed with mayo. Topped with the lemon juice that give the citrusy kick, the taste is perfect.

Burger & Lobster - Wanderlustgeek

You can see the lobster flesh is filled up the entire bread itself.

Burger & Lobster - Wanderlustgeek

Another must-try when coming to this Burger & Lobster is this, Chilli Lobster which is served with 1 pound worth of lobster that are cooked using their homemade chilli sauce and served with toasted bread on the side. The sauce is spicy and sweet at the same time with slight sour at the end, keeping you wanting more as you eat.

Burger & Lobster - Wanderlustgeek

The lobster served in this claypot is meaty and juicy. Definitely fresh as you bite into it and it give you the bouncy texture.

Burger & Lobster - Wanderlustgeek

The overall damage cost me around RM360 which I think its rather reasonable as its lobster. Plus it taste good and served fresh, so hence this indulgence is pretty worth it.

Location & Contact Details

Burger & Lobster - Wanderlustgeek

They’re located at:
Level 1, SkyAvenue,
Resorts World Genting Pahang,
Pahang, Malaysia.

They’re open from 11:00AM to 10:00PM during weekdays and from 9:00AM to 12:00AM during weekend. They don’t take reservation though, unfortunately.

You can visit their website here and Facebook here.

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