Butaya Izakaya, Japanese Izakaya Gem in Hartamas

If you’re a fan of Japan’s nightlife, you’re probably familiar with Izakaya. An Izakaya is described as a type of informal Japanese pub, which perfect for after-work drinking. Butaya Izakaya ticks all the checkboxes on this.

Butaya Izakaya is located at the calmer, saner side of Hartamas. Same row as MyElephant Thai Food restaurant.

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As authentic as it can be, Butaya Izakaya have its own charisma compared to other Izakayas’ in Kuala Lumpur. The inner decoration is full of hanging wooden plates that read food menu and smoky atmosphere due to all the skewers grilling.

If that’s not enough, indoor smoking is allowed which is pretty common in Japan. You read that right, you’re allowed to smoke inside the restaurant while enjoying your drinks and food.

What to order in Butaya Izakaya?

Food wise, although it’s not quite the same compared to those in Japan, Butaya Izakaya does have something up their sleeve that might feed your appetite.

Butaya Izakaya - Wanderlustgeek

As a starter, we ordered the Fried Bacon Bits. Salty, savoury tasting to go along with your ice cold hi-ball, what else can you ask for? Kewpie mayonnaise is served along for the extra creamy taste.

Butaya Izakaya - Wanderlustgeek

Then we have this Tamago Ham. It’s a piece of luncheon meat wrapped around with eggs and topped with mentaiko sauce. The salty taste of luncheon meat, with sweet taste of tamago egg and umami taste of mentaiko sauce. This is actually pretty good.

Butaya Izakaya - Wanderlustgeek

We also ordered their Pork Ribs. The sauce taste pretty nice, but the meat is not marinated well, hence you’ll only taste the sauce on the skin itself.

Butaya Izakaya - Wanderlustgeek

Next up is this Fried Stuffed Vegetables. They stuffed the vegetables like Okra & Eggplant with fish meat then battered with breadcrumbs. The skin side remains crispy & crumbly, while the meat stays juicy.

Butaya Izakaya - Wanderlustgeek

Star of the show have to be this Teriyaki Pork Don. The pork itself is quite similar to the ramen char siu but this one is thicker. Drenched in teriyaki sauce and topped over soft Japanese rice. This is a must try when you’re in Butaya Izakaya!

Butaya Izakaya - Wanderlustgeek

Izakaya visit will not be complete if you do not order that Tori Kaarage. It’s essentially fried chicken but each Izakaya have their own version of fried chicken. The chicken is well marinated and skin side is incredibly crispy. Thumbs up for this!

Location & Contact Details of Butaya Izakaya

Address: 14, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Price Range: It’s safe to say that it’s pretty affordable for KL standard. Each dish is about RM 10 to 15 except for the Pork Don which is slightly more expensive. I had Hi-Ball that night with each glass around RM20.

How to get there: Again, there is not public transport to reach over, so grab an Uber or Taxi if you’re travelling. It’s the same row as MyElephant Hartamas.

Here’s the Google Map link and their Facebook page.

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