Cheap & delicious Japanese food at Sakura Sushi, Cheras

Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -

Most of the Japanese restaurants available in Malaysia are on the pricier side, for example, Sushi Zanmai or Sushi Tei, you’ve to be ready to spend about MYR 30 / 40 per person on normal portion. That being said, Sushi Mentai being the pioneer in offering cheap sushi available for consumption at about RM 20 per person. But of course, quality & ingredient wise, we can never compare it side by side with the big boys, but there are always options, Sakura Sushi it is!

In the quest to search for cheap, yet delicious sushi in Malaysia, this Japanese restaurant, Sakura Sushi, opened up in my neighbourhood not long ago is offering the same format as Sushi Mentai on the price factor, but in my opinion, their food selections and ingredients are a little better than the aforementioned.

Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -
Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -

Their sushi pricing starts at unbelievable MYR 1.70 per plate for basic variations, while for better variations like Ebikko and Hotate starts at only RM 2.70. While having better sushi ingredients, this is the place you can eat without having to worry too much about the bill later.

California Temaki - Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -
Tamago Sushi - Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -
Crab Roll Sushi - Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -

These sushi doesn’t just come cheap, they look well made and it’s really delicious too. You can just grab 10 of these without having to worry burning a hole in your wallet later.

Hotate Sushi - Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -
Prawn Sushi - Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -

To my surprise, the Hotate (Scallop) & Prawn sushi is fresh and I don’t taste any mushy texture in them. The kind of texture you have when the seafood is not fresh.

Soft Shell Crab - Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -

The highlight of this meal have to be this soft shell crab. At only MYR 14.90, this is way cheaper than most Japanese Restaurant out there. Fried in Japanese seasoned batter, the soft shell crab is delicious and crunchy. The gooey, creamy inside is something you’ve to die for.

Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -
Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -
Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant -

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood and crave for cheap yet delicious Japanese food, give this a try! You’ll never be disappointed. After all, at this price point and quality, who would?

Below are the information of Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant:

  • Click here to find out their Location
  • Check out their Facebook page
  • Address
    • 69, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A, Pandan Indah, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening Hours
    • Monday – Friday: 11:00AM – 10:00PM
    • Weekend & Public Holidy: 11:30AM – 10:00PM
  • Contact Number
    • +6 03-4287 9779
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