Daniel Thaiger – Probably the best burger in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is such a vibrant city that keep giving your surprises. While you’re in Thailand, most of us will opt for local food and cuisines. But little that we know, the city give much more than what we expect. 1 of it is this gourmet burger food truck, Daniel Thaiger.

Daniel Thaiger - Wanderlustgeek

Residing at the inner alley at Sukhumvit 30/1, it’s quite near to the EmQuartier mall. It take about 10 minutes walk if you alight at BTS Station Phrom Phong. In an inconspicuous alley walkway, there it stand this food truck serving gourmet burger. Who would have thought of that?

Daniel Thaiger – Mobile Gourmet Food Truck

Daniel Thaiger opens up from 4:30pm onwards, hence it won’t be for your lunch option per se. Upon getting there, you’ll see a food truck parked at the side with a bright red sign carrying its brand name.

Daniel Thaiger - Wanderlustgeek

Daniel Thaiger - Wanderlustgeek

You can choose takeaway or they do have setup some tables and chairs for outdoor dining option. You can place your order at the food truck where the menu sits.

Daniel Thaiger - Wanderlustgeek

They offers 4 different type of burgers to choose from and you can of course choose to get either the beef or the pork option. You can also choose to add on a bit more to your liking, such as extra bacon or extra patty. They also serve ice cold beer if you needed 1 to cool down from the walk and the hot weather.

What to eat at Daniel Thaiger?

I ordered Mr. Steve with the beef patty option for myself, requesting for it to cook till medium raw. The buns are nicely toasted and not too dry at all. Bacon itself is slightly crispy, giving the perfect crunch with every bite.

Daniel Thaiger - Wanderlustgeek

Coming to the patty itself, it’s expertly cooked to perfection, just as I requested. You can definitely taste the high quality of beef as it’s really juicy and tender, yet having that charred flavour from the grilling. Their homemade Thaiger sauce compliment the beef patty perfectly, as it’s slightly salty and sweet.

Daniel Thaiger - Wanderlustgeek

We ordered another burger, Sumo Oat but pork patty this time. Daniel Thaiger makes no mistake even with this one. The pork patty is cooked to perfection, leaving a juicy and tender as you bite into your burger.

Coming to the end of the session, I was slightly reluctant to finish up my burger as it really gets you craving for more bites.

Daniel Thaiger’s Location & Contact Details

Daniel Thaiger - Wanderlustgeek

Address: Sukhumvit soi 30/1 Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours: Open everyday from 4:30pm to 9:30pm, additional slots on Wednesday & Friday only from 11:00am to 2:00pm. Closed on Monday.
Contact Number: +66 84 549 0995

How to get there: You can take the BTS Skytrain to station Phrom Phong and walk towards Soi Sukhumvit 30/1. It takes roughly 10 minutes to get there and take a right turn when you saw the street sign. You can of course get a tuk tuk for a short, fun ride.

Google Map link here and their Facebook page for more information.

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