Taste of Asian Mediterranean at Em by Tedboy Bakery

Em by Tedboy Bakery, as the name suggests, this little boutique cafe / restaurant is a sister company of Tedboy Bakery. Tedboy Bakery itself is quite famous located at the heart of Bangsar. As for Em by Tedboy Bakery, it’s residing within a hostel / backpacker hotel called Hotel Transit, right opposite of the KL main bus station.

Em by Tedboy Bakery

The cafe itselfspots a refreshingly simple decoration & settings within its cafe, much to its inspiration with Mathilda in mind. The look and feel are made up of mainly white and subtle yet eye-catching hot pink / magenta in its colour scheme.

They also have an outdoor area, situated at the 2nd level, with fake grass carpet, which is rather cozy and comforting. Before climbing up the stairs, you’ll of course be greeted with this inspiring quote. Feel pretty awesome?

Food Recommendations

Food wise, Em by Tedboy Bakery serves up creative dishes, taking its inspiration from the diverse Mediterranean flavour, combining it with our local palette and food selections.

Em by Tedboy Bakery

First dish is this Asian Tabbouleh. It’s serve with soft and fluffy couscous which seasoned well with butter, salt and pepper. It’s also paired up with salty, crispy anchovies, which we often find in our local specialty, Nasi Lemak.

Topped with some hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken breast, this is prefect for healthy-conscious eaters because of flavourful tasting palette, yet keeping the calories intake minimum.

Next up, is the mandatory brunch dish, the Big Breakfast. However, I was slightly disappointed with it, considering how creative the tabbouleh is. It wasn’t bad per se, but just down right expected. Also feel very much like using local ingredients, cook it up and put it onto a plate.

Em by Tedboy Bakery

I mean, you could have use different bread, or perhaps different sausages or ham? Oh well…

I love my coffee, especially black coffee. It wasn’t bad at all, considering this is not a cafe that specialises in coffee brewing. The coffee have slight acidic taste to it with great roasted scent.

Location & Address

Em by Tedboy Bakery can be consider as a hidden gem of cafe within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. If you happen to work or be around that area, do give it a try 🙂

Here’s their website and Facebook.

Location Address:
Em by Tedboy

Hotel Transit, Ground Floor No.,
42, Jalan Pudu, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Contact Number: +603-2022 2056

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