Great Hospitality at El Meson, Desa Park City

El Meson -

Just last Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit the dog-friendly park inside of Desa Park City, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. In there, it’s luxurious, well-planned neighbourhood with access to green, luscious park, restaurants, supermarkets, variety of stores and pop-up bazaar.

I’m not going to iterate too much on my day out with my furry friends, since this is a food post, right? Anyway, as I’m heading to brunch after hanging out with my dog, there’s this overlooking terrace where there are several restaurants situated. El Meson is just right there, somewhere in the middle.

Before I decided to try out El Meson, I was hoping to get a space in The Social instead, because they’re all the way extended to the end of the terrace and the pet area is overlooking the beautiful park. However, according to the branch manager, the area is full.

Yes, I get it. It’s full, and I would walk away if you told me so. The problem is, I was standing right in front of the waiting area with all my gears and shit, and I have a dog with me for godsake. For the love of God, at least, have some courtesy and inform me of the unavailability.

But instead, the branch manager looked away on-purpose when I tried to call him over. After multiple tries, he came over and gave me this dirty look and said, the pet area is full and there aren’t any tables. Fucking bad attitude and service!!

Anyway, I walked over to El Meson instead, and the staffs quickly seated me and everything is in place.

El Meson -
Glass Bottle El Meson -

The restaurant gave a very modern, contemporary vibe with a hint of Spanish in its decorations laying around. The inner area are decorated in bright, glossy red, consisting of a bar with the brilliant showcase of their alcohol availability. Cue; a glass of gin and tonic, please. It’s a hot day after all.

El Meson Banana Pancake -

We ordered 1 dish to our own. The Banana Pancake arrived in style and seems to took on the stage, however, to our surprise, the pancake is tough and dried out. We feedback that to the manager, however required no further action, because we were all kinda full as well.

In the end, the manager self-volunteered to offer a small discount of our overall bill, so that’s really nice of them!

El Meson Spanish Breakfast -
El Meson Spanish Breakfast -

I got the Spanish Breakfast out of curiosity and I wasn’t disappointed. My mouth-watering breakfast came with 2-egg Sunny Side Up, Serrano Ham, Chorizo Sausages and perfectly toasted bread. Believe me, not many people can toast a bread to perfection. The breakfast is really nice, the flavours all came together nicely. If you’re the type that get jaded easily by savoury food, the meal also came with a small cup of strawberry yoghurt topped with mixed granola.

El Meson Egg Omelette -

Last but not least, is this Egg Omelette. Looks plain and unattractive, but the omelette is cooked to perfection. It’s thick and creamy, full of protein. If this line sounds weird to you, that’s you! Came alongside with grilled tomatoes and fried hashbrown.

Below are the information of El Meson, Authentic Spanish Restaurant at Desa Park City, Kepong.

  • Click here to find out their Location
  • Check out their website
  • Address
    • Lot GF5, The [email protected], Persiaran Residen, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Opening Hours
    • Daily: 9:00am – 12:00am
  • Contact Number
    • +60 3 6263 6227
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