Hee Lai Ton, Master of Chinese Food in Shaw Parade

A couple of weeks ago was my birthday and my work colleagues decided to celebrate it for me during lunch hours. My boss then suggested us to go over to a restaurant in Shaw Parade, which is Hee Lai Ton.

Hee Lai Ton reside in Shaw Parade mall, which is located behind the Times Square mall. From inside out, Shaw Parade look very much like an abandoned mall, but to my surprise, there are plenty of people who are here for the food.

Hee Lai Ton 喜来登半山芭

Hee Lai Ton serves Chinese food and it’s my virgin visit to this restaurant. The restaurant itself is fit for wedding banquet as it’s quite spacious and it resembles the typical Chinese banquet restaurant but cosier than most.

If you comes in a large group, you can pre-book the private room that can fit 2 to 3 tables, depending on how many pax you have. Apparently it does allow smoking as I saw with my own eyes there are some people who smokes in the private room.

What to order in Hee Lai Ton?

Since it’s my birthday and Chinese New Year is around the corner, we sort of go a little over the top with the orders. We ordered about 9 dishes in total and we walked away having food coma, paralysed from food for the rest of the day.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

First was this free in-house soup of the day. That day, they’re serving this old cucumber with pork soup. The soup is surprisingly tasty and I did not taste any msg in it. It was quite a good appetiser as a start.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

Next up is the Lou Sang or YuSheng (Prosperity Toss Salad). If you didn’t knew about it, it’s 1 of the must-do during the Chinese New Year where it serves in a large plate mixed with variety of pickled vege and salmon slices. This one here, however taste quite normal.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

Everyone then use their chopsticks to toss the salad in an upward motion for abundance of luck and goodness throughout the year.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

Next up, we have 2 stir fry vegetables, 1 is the Hong Kong Kai Lan stir fry with garlic and the mixed vegetables with lotus, celery, carrots and many others.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

We then have this sweet and savoury pork ribs that is perfectly cooked. The meat is not chewy and easy to bite in. It’s also well-marinated that the taste doesn’t just stick at the outer skin.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

This gigantic looking dish is the jumbo size tauhu (beancurd) that is cooked with prawn bits and thick gravy. The beancurd itself is smooth and nice.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

A must try when you’re at Hee Lai Ton is this rice wine ginger chicken. The chicken is roasted beforehand and then cooked in the rice wine mixed with ginger. It’s refreshingly tasty!

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

We also ordered 1 steamed fish dish with the asam pedas (spicy & sour) sauce. The fish is steamed perfectly and have no muddy taste to it, however the sauce taste a bit bland to me.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

Another star of the show is this mixed of char siew (honey grilled pork) and siew yuk (roast pork). We almost did not able to try it as people tend of book their portion prior to their visit. The honey grilled pork is tender and melt in your mouth. While the roast pork pair with the Chinese mustard sauce is wildly tasty.

Hee Lai Ton - Wanderlustgeek

Location & Contact Details of Hee Lai Ton

Address: Cangkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Price Range: With 9 dishes, the damage came about RM450, which is on the reasonable range as the portion served is quite large.

How to get there: Hee Lai Ton is situated just right behind Times Square, so you can alight at the monorail station and it takes about 10-minutes of walk from there. Here’s the Google Map link and their Facebook page.

They have a website too on Blogspot but haven’t been updated since 2015.

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