Hong Kong Hot Pot (香港热锅) at Bangsar

I always have a thing for steamboat, not entirely sure why. But perhaps because the thought of the immediate satisfaction of watching your food getting and eat it right when it’s ready. Bangsar would be the last place that I would thought of going for steamboat but Hong Kong Hot Pot proves me wrong.

Hong Kong Hot Pot - Wanderlustgeek

Hong Kong Hot Pot is quick to catch its own following since established not long ago, but garnered a lot of attention last year. It’s located as the same row as The Social Bangsar, right opposite of Bangsar Village.

Hong Kong Hot Pot (香港热锅)

This place itself is quite unique. It used to be located right above Tour Le Jour, but since it’s closed down, they took over the spot, offering space at the ground floor as well.

Hong Kong Hot Pot - Wanderlustgeek

If you take the escalator up at Telawi Square, their restaurant is located right at the top floor.

Hong Kong Hot Pot - Wanderlustgeek

What’s fun about this place is that they even offer Karaoke room but only limited rooms though as only 3 rooms available. You’ll probably have to call and book in advance to secure the room if you’re coming in a huge group.

What to order in Hong Kong Hot Pot (香港热锅)?

What’s the most important in a steamboat or hot pot? Of course is the broth itself. What made Hong Kong Hot Pot famous itself is the broth that they offered. We ordered the Sakura Pork Bone, Sichuan Spicy as well as Fresh Tomato Soup base.

Hong Kong Hot Pot - Wanderlustgeek

This will really make all the difference, really. You can, of course opt for mix soup base to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Hong Kong Hot Pot - Wanderlustgeek

For the absolute must-order ingredients have to be their Signature Crispy Fried Fish Skin. Be it dip into your self-made sauce or run it over the soup, you’ll hear that crackling noise and enjoy your bite.

Hong Kong Hot Pot - Wanderlustgeek

Then it’s the Sakura Premium Pork Slice that you’ve to try. It’s arranged in a flower-like pattern and the meat itself is meat and fat balanced, making it enjoyable once you’ve it cooked through.

Hong Kong Hot Pot - Wanderlustgeek

Their fresh hand made Prawn, Squid and Fish meat balls is to die for. It’s so fresh that it bounces in your mouth as you bite through them.

Location & Contact Details of Hong Kong Hot Pot (香港热锅)

Hong Kong Hot Pot - Wanderlustgeek

Address: No 39 lot 10-a level 2 Telawi square, 3, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Price Range: Around RM60 per pax, depending on what you order.

How to get there: Bangsar wise, you could have take the Putra line and grab a taxi from there and head over to Telawi Square. It’s less than 5 minutes from the station if you’re driving. Here’s the Google Map link.

If you wish to know more, head over to their Facebook.

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