Mid-Range Korean BBQ Buffet at Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant, Sri Petaling

So, yesterday I was craving for some Korean BBQ after watching some Korean cooking shows. Since I’m going out to meet my friend for dinner, I did a random search on the internet and found that there is 1 Korean restaurant in Sri Petaling that offers quite a bit of bargain at RM45++ per pax for a single session of BBQ. Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant is situated along the stretch of the new shoplots in Sri Petaling.

Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant

Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant is situated at a corner shop, expanding to 2 lots on it own. Right opposite would be the Coffea Coffee of Sri Petaling, right beside is the Subway (what an irony).

The traffic around this area is terrible, especially during peak hours and the parking space is quite hard to acquire as well. Best bet is to carpool to this restaurant. For parking spot, not far away, there is a parking building where you can park your car inside. If I’m not mistaken, it should be RM 3 per hour.

Pricing & Menu Selections

Hwa Da Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

So, as mentioned earlier, Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant offers single session of BBQ at 2 different price.
For lunch: Adult – RM39++ / Children – RM20++
For dinner: Adult – RM45++ / Children – RM25++
*Children below 75cm will get to eat for free!

Also something to note is that maximum dining hours per session is 2 hours and food wastage will be charged accordingly, if you couldn’t finish the food that you ordered.

Hwa Da Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

As you can see from the BBQ buffet menu, it comprises wide range of available selection of meat, dishes and snacks. For meat, you can have Busut Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly with Mushroom), Daepae Samgyeopsal (Sliced Pork Belly), Gochujang Samgyeopsal (Spicy Pork Belly), and quite a lot more meat selections such as beef and squid.

Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

For snack, you can have Kimchi Pajeon (Kimchi Pancake), Fried Chicken or Dakganjung (Deep Fried Chicken with Sweet Sauce). If you love stew or soup, you absolutely have to try their Kimchi Jiggae (Kimchi Stew).

Lastly, you can also chase it off with Kimchi Fried Rice or a bowl of Shin Ramyeon.

Dining Experience

Hwa Da Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

From the start, we are also served with quite a number of side dishes. Kimchi is a must! And others such as long beans, fried crab claws and etc.

Hwa Da Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

The thing that I love about Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant is that they grilled using charcoal fire which grilled meat will turn out much more delicious with the smell of charcoal and burned skin.

Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

However, as they’re indoor, you can run into the case of stuffiness with charcoal smoke lingering in the restaurant. Each BBQ table is equipped with the smoke extractor, but often in vain.

Hwa Da Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

If you opt for something more hearty, do try out their Kimchi Jiggae (Kimchi Stew). It’s served in a hot stone pot and bubbling when it reaches you. The stew have strong, delicious taste of Kimchi, together with bits of tender pork pieces, you would want a bowl of rice with you right away!

Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek


Dish Recommendation

Hwa Da Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

Another highly recommended dish is Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant’s Nurunji Teriyaki (Topped Teriyaki Grilled Chicken with Scorched Rice). Apparently it’s 1 of their signature dish and it taste amazing with sweet, tender Teriyaki Chicken, pair with the crunchy, scorched spiced rice that will leave you wanting more.

It’s priced at RM65 and enough for 3 to 4 pax. I did not order this as it’s only the 2 of us, but will surely give it a try the next time I’m there.

Current Promo

Hwa Da Korean BBQ Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

And if full-fledged BBQ is not for you and you just wanted the joy of grilling meat on top of charcoal fire, try their current promotion of unlimited refill of Pork Belly & Pork Neck at just RM28 during lunch and RM30 during dinner hours for a single adult.

All and all, I felt like with option of mid-range Korean BBQ restaurant like Hwa Ga, we get to enjoy the delicious, exciting session of Korean BBQ bit without burning a hole in our wallet, while still maintaining the food standard.

Here’s their Facebook and contact details below:
Hwa Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant
55-57G, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact Number: 03-9055 3555

They’re open from 11:00AM to 11:00PM, daily.

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