Korean BBQ Feast at San Nae Deul, Ikon Connaught

We, Malaysians (just me, actually) have always love the concept of buffet, especially the love for Korean BBQ. Much KPOP influence, maybe? Just around the neighbourhood of Cheras, San Nae Deul is located at Ikon Connaught. It is sort of like a mini mall but the mall is pretty dead for anything else, except food and drinks. They probably survived with having college students around.

San Nae Deul

San Nae Deul offers 2 types of in-store dining, where you may order a la carte, or the BBQ package. I, of course, went for the BBQ package.

BBQ package literally let you grab anything from the spread. Meat, vegetables, ready-cooked food, drinks and ice-cream that you can see around the restaurant.

San Nae Deul - Buffet

The BBQ concept came on with a metal plate on top of an electric cooker, however, we didn’t have a pleasant experience with the electric cooker. That’s because the cooker goes off every 10 – 15 mins, requiring me to restart every now and then while grilling those meats.

Aside from that, they offered variety of choices, especially meats selection, from chicken, pork and beef.

San Nae Deul - Korean BBQ

I was kinda impressed with the use of the oil-absorbing sheet as well, as you know, BBQ and meat grilling often leave those metal skillet with hard gunk at the end of the session.

San Nae Deul - Korean BBQ

As for the selection of readily-cooked food, you may find all sort of Korean side dish you may find. We filled our tummy with Kimbap…

San Nae Deul - Kimbap

And this goodness!!

San Nae Deul - Korean BBQ

I’m not too sure what is this called, but it sure taste damn good! Covered in Korean Bean Sauce, it was juicy and succulent. The pricing for 2-pax come to around RM 95.00 when we checkout. On top of that, free flow of ice-cream. F.R.E.E. F.L.O.W. Yes.

Check out their Facebook here.

If you wish to drop by for a Korean feast, click here.

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