Malaysian Comfort Food – Ipoh Chicken Rice at Fei Por Restaurant, Cheras

1 of Malaysian local comfort food have to be our version of Chicken Rice, if not as our fast food. You can literally find chicken rice stalls at any local coffee shops or restaurants serving your order of chicken rice within few minutes of wait. It’s literally as quick as going for a leak in the washroom. Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant is 1 of the local restaurants that serves a mouthwatering version of the chicken rice.

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant

A little bit of history as I remembered, Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant used to be quite famous during my high school time. That was perhaps like 10 years ago? They used to have a branch located at the vicinity of Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. In fact, it’s 5 to 10 minutes away from Times Square Shopping Mall if you’re driving.

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

Somehow, over the years, the business faded and the branch in Pudu is closed down. Even with this branch, the signage changed to Yat Yat Chicken Rice, instead of their actual business name. However, as you can see below in their menu, the name is still unchanged, it’s still Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant.

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

Menu, Pricing & Food Selections

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant, as the name suggested, they specialises in roast meat, in this case, poultry / chicken. But they also have other roast meat variation in store such as Char Siew (BBQ Roast Pork), Steamed Chicken and Siew Yuk (Crispy Roast Pork Belly).

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

You may then proceed to order any combination that you like, as the menu suggest.

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

In the menu, they also have Steamed Soups which is my favourite. These soups taste amazing in flavour and it’s all so hearty. You may also order vegetables or noodles as a side dish to your main course, which is the roast meat!

Roast Meat – Roast Chicken & Crispy Roast Pork Belly

As for my main order, I ordered 1 portion of their roast chicken, thigh area. And also a portion of the crispy roast pork belly. When it’s served, a mild, sweet & savoury sauce were poured onto the meat and served. This sauce is made with the combination of light & dark soy sauce.

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

The chicken skin is very thin and still crispy when I had it. While the meat stays extra tender and juicy because I ordered the thigh area. The chicken meat & skin itself is very flavourful from their thorough marinade.

While for the crispy roast pork, it’s perfectly in balance of the fat and meat ratio. The top part of the meat with the skin is extremely crispy & tasty from the marinade and roasting in the grill. Once you taste the meat, there is also an aroma of spices which are deeply marinated into the meat itself.

Watercress with Pork Ribs Steamed Soup

I have always like soup myself, but often too lazy to get it cooked myself. Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant offers a few different selection of steamed soup, but I like the watercress version the best.

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

The soup is served in a ceramic bowl and all the ingredients are inside that bowl, containing all the goodness from the prolong steaming cooking method. As you can see, there are a few pieces of pork ribs in there, as well as overwhelming amount of watercress inside!

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

The pork ribs meat is tender and soft, that you can literally tear them apart and shred it into small pieces. Dip it with the chicken meat sauce for extra deliciousness!

Bean Sprout with Sauce

Bean sprout got to be the perfect vegetable companion for chicken rice. This style of having bean sprout pairing with chicken rice originated from Ipoh. Since then, a lot of other restaurants have been adding this onto their menu.

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

The bean sprouts are lightly blanched in the hot water for 1 or 2 minutes. And then it’s served with placing it onto a plate, add the light soy sauce, white pepper, fried onion and chives. That’s it. Super simple, super easy.

Such a simple food can make me so happy. The bean sprout are crunchy and the soy sauce with pepper covered up the smell of bean sprout, so it’s super appetising.

Full Meal

The final bill came to RM17.20 for my orders, which I think it’s not bad at all. 2 portion of roast meat with bean sprout and a bowl of steamed soup, I mean, it’s reasonable alright.

Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant - Wanderlustgeek

So if you want a quick fix, it’s chicken rice.
So if you don’t know what to eat, it’s chicken rice.
So if you’re rushing for time, it’s chicken rice.

We love chicken rice so much, that we have The Chicken Rice Shop in Malaysia, under Berjaya Group. Funny brand jingle I tell you.

Location & Contact

I couldn’t find them on any social media like Facebook, hence I’m giving the link to Openrice listing and Foursquare listing. The following are the contact details:
Fei Por Chicken Rice Restaurant
No. M5-A-18, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/1,
Pandan Indah, Ampang, 55100

Contact Number:
03-4295 2681

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 10:00-22:00

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