Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant at Taman Desa

I was supposed to head over to Apple Samgyupsal for the New Year Eve’s dinner, but as expected, the place was packed with people and long queue. Well, then I ventured further into Taman Desa and stumbled across Nak Won Korean BBQ restaurant after doing some Google Search of Korean Restaurant in the area.


It was listed as 1 of the popular one in Taman Desa, however decided to give this place a try after my Korean cravings did its calling.

Nak Won Korean BBQ

Nak Won Korean BBQ restaurant is situated in Taman Desa, nearby Monkey Bar. The restaurant is situated right above of Papparich and you’ll have to take the stairs to first floor.

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

As expected, the restaurant was also full of people but luckily for us, there are some people who just left, hence we got the table right at the time we arrived.

If 1 thing that I don’t like is that, it’s an indoor seating, hence all the BBQ scents will stick to you, your clothes and your hair. Basically you’ll leave smelling like BBQ.

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

I guess this somehow help, where they can serves cooked meat over the BBQ after you ordered, rather than BBQ them yourselves where you have to stand all the heat and scent.

The Food in Nak Won Korean BBQ

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

I have to say, their offers on Banchan (Side Dishes) is quite generous. They serves about 10 variations of the Banchan, whereby some restaurants doesn’t even have half of the count.

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

I ordered a few variations of the BBQ pork. 1 of them is the BBQ Pork Belly. As you can see the meat is quite thick and juicy as you bite in.

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

I also ordered this BBQ Pork Ribs and the meat itself is quite high quality. The glistening oil tells you how tender it was.

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

Last but not least, is also the BBQ Pork Ribs, but this one is marinated. I think they marinated over some sort of Korean marinade consists of garlic, sesame oil and some other spices.

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

Those are the stars of the BBQ, but I also ordered some other dishes to go along. Their Kimchi Pajeon (Kimchi Pancake) is surprisingly nice! The edges is crispy but leaving the middle part soft and fluffy. They also add it with eggs and imitation crab to taste.

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

Their Korean Cold Noodles (Mul Naengmyun) was a bit disappointing because it wasn’t so cold when it was served and lack of the vinegary taste. But on the good side, their noodles is quite nice and chewy!

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

Last but not least, the Kimchi Jiggae (Kimchi Stew) tastes awesome! It was serves in a stone pot that helps on keep its heat and it full with meat and kimchi in it!

At the end of the meal, I basically went into food coma and had difficulty in uttering any words that make sense to normal human being.

Location & Contact Details of Nak Won Korean BBQ

Nak Won Korean BBQ - Wanderlustgeek

Address: 7-1-1, Jalan 3/109F, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Price Range: It’s in the middle range for Korean BBQ restaurant, although the beef price could go quite high.

How to get there: This place is not assessable via public transport like train or so. Hence, grab an Uber to go over this place. Here’s the Google Map link. If you want to know more about this place, here’s the Facebook link.

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