Great Authentic Chinese Feast at Restaurant De Maw

I went into food coma, again. Tonight I had a CNY celebration dinner with the work colleagues at Restaurant De Maw. This restaurant sounded nothing special to me and it’s located at where we wouldn’t expect anything more from them.

But I was very wrong. Very very wrong indeed.

Restaurant De Maw, 地茂館

Restaurant De Maw is situated near the PGRM building in Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras. In fact, it’s pretty closed by Aeon Maluri Cheras. Restaurant De Maw is at the corner in a row of pre-aged shop and if you don’t pay attention, you could easily miss them out.

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The restaurant itself looks nothing fancy from the outside and it’s decorated well with hints of Chinese cultural display. In the restaurant, you’ll spot some ancient Chinese calligraphy and some of the utensils used makes you feel right back in time.

Restaurant De Maw only hold about 8 to 9 tables at most, therefore you must make a reservation prior to visiting, otherwise your chance of eating there can be quite low.

What to eat in Restaurant De Maw?

Since it’s Chinese New Year, they only offer full course meal with 7 dishes. Other than that, if you wish to try their other dishes, you may come later on. But don’t count on asking them for recommendation because they will say, it’s all good. In fact, it’s all good!

Restaurant De Maw - Wanderlustgeek

Chinese New Year pre-starting meal have to be our Lou Sang/YuSheng (Prosperity Salad Toss). I mentioned this in my post about Hee Lai Ton and it’s served with a variety of crunchy stuffs and pickled vegetables. You can toss it together with others in an upward motion to symbolise abundance of luck and goodness throughout the year.

Little that we know, from this moment onward, we are about to walk into food coma. The portion served is humongous!

Restaurant De Maw - Wanderlustgeek

First dish served was this Chicken Herbal soup. The soup is served with a whole chicken and it’s boiled till the meat is soft and tender. You can also taste all sort of herbal ingredients in there such as ginseng, goji berry and dang gui.

Restaurant De Maw - Wanderlustgeek

We are then served with this steamed pomfret fish (Ikan Bawal). The size itself is almost like a large Domino’s pizza! The fish is steamed to perfection with the fish sauce as the perfect pairing.

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Next is this fried pork ribs cooked in vinegary sauce. I can’t exactly tell the sauce distinct flavour but it was delicious! Pork ribs is well marinated and you’ve a good chunk of meat to bite into.

Restaurant De Maw - Wanderlustgeek

Since it’s Chinese New Year, we can’t help but got to have this Golden Abalone. As you can see, the amount of abalone in this plate is overwhelming. This is my first time seeing so many of them in a single plate! The taste was superb and you can taste the fragrant tumeric in the sauce.

Last but not least, is the glutinous rice steamed in the lotus leave. Oh my… this is seriously my first time ever that I would want to have another bowl after my first taste.

Restaurant De Maw - Wanderlustgeek

The rice is cooked perfectly with the mixed of ingredients like Chinese sausage, eggs and bbq pork. I’m not a fan of Chinese sausage, but this is high-quality one and it melts in your mouth! It’s that good.

Restaurant De Maw certainly proves me wrong and yet another hidden gem discovered, despite the humble look on the outside. Online said that this restaurant have been around for at least 15 years and the quality of the dishes is maintained throughout all these years.

This is a restaurant worth trying but remember to make your reservation in advance and come hungry. Come really hungry.

Location & Contact Details of Restaurant De Maw

Restaurant De Maw - Wanderlustgeek

Address: 18, Jalan Pudu Hulu, Taman Pertama, 55300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number03-9285 7833

Price Range: The damage come about RM1,100 for these 7-dishes for 10-pax of food. The portion is huge and the ingredients used are high-quality ones.

How to get there: Restaurant De Maw is located just right beside PGRM building. You may take the MRT or LRT to the Maluri station and from there, grab a taxi over and it’s just 5-minutes away. Here’s the Google Map link and their Facebook page.

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