Crispy Roast Pork at Siu G Jai, Taman Desa

Good crispy roast pork is hard to come by these days and the good ones ain’t cheap. But if you’re a fan of roast pork like me, Siu G Jai is there for us.

Siu G Jai, literally means roast little pig when you translate them in Chinese, is a new restaurant residing in Taman Desa. Just right opposite of Taman Desa Medical Centre and same row as Apple Samyupsal Korean BBQ.

Siu G Jai, 燒G仔

Siu G Jai is a humble, decent cafe. The inner restaurant houses standard cafe tables and chairs. Probably able to serve 20 to 30 people at the same time.

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From what I heard, it seems like Siu G Jai is packed during lunch hours. In fact, this is my 2nd visit. The first time I went over during late evening and the owner mentioned that everything is sold out for the day.

Siu G Jai - Wanderlustgeek

Upfront is the meat station where they prepare and chop the roast pork into pieces. They also display the whole roasted pig to ensure what they serves you is freshly out from the oven.

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They typically serves roast pork as their specialty but there are also other options such as spicy & sour vegetables that are quite common in these kind of restaurant.

What to order in Siu G Jai?

I ordered their most popular choice, which is the Roast Pork rice. It’s a simple dish with the combinations of roast pork and white rice topped with the braise sauce. Good thing is that you get to choose the meat and fat proportion, such as lean meat or extra fatty ones.

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I chose the balanced one and the roast pork is easily one of the best that I have ever had. The roast pork skin is crispy and crunchy. The meat is tender and you can taste the spices and marination in it.

Next up is the Hakka Noodles with Minced Roast Pork. This dish is made of the homemade hakka noddles that are lightly boiled in hot water then mixed with sauces.

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Adding on with the minced roast pork and some fried pork fat. Leaving you the kind of unique texture in your mouth.

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We also ordered 2 side dishes to go along. 1 of them is this Fireboom Pork, they called it. Essentially it’s roast pork stir fry with dark soy sauce, garlic and chillies. It’s very fragrant and tasty. Nicely done for this and it’s a must try!

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Last but not least, we also ordered the Spicy & Sour Vegetables. This one here typically uses the pak choy and braised for long hours with sour plum and dried chillies.

Perfect as the palette cleanser and it’s really sour though.

Siu G Jai - Wanderlustgeek

For people who would want to buy some and cook at home instead, they do offers frozen roast pork ranging from belly, ham ribs and trotters for you to choose from. Price varies to the amount you purchase.

The lady owner is pretty nice and feel free to have a chat with her if you want to buy some home.

Location & Contact Details of Siu G Jai

Siu G Jai - Wanderlustgeek

Address: 12, Jalan 1/109e, Taman Desa Business Park, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Price Range: The roast pork rice, hakka noodles and spicy & sour vegetables cost around RM10 each and the Fireboom Pork is RM18 per serving.

How to get there: Siu G Jai is located right across Taman Desa Medical Center and the same row as Apple Samyupsal Korean BBQ. It’s nearer to the Old Klang Road entrance. Once you turned in from Old Klang Road, Siu G Jai is on your right, facing the road.

Here’s the Google Map link and their Facebook page. Their website also have plenty of information and you may even order online.

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