Bangkok, Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Check out the video above for some inside peek of my travel in Bangkok, Thailand – The Land of Smiles.

Recently, me and some my friends spent some time travelling The Land of Smiles – Bangkok, Thailand. I know what you’re thinking. 4 dudes having a sausage fest in Bangkok, Thailand, what can we do, right? Red light districts, hookers, booze, alcohols, parties, clubs and the list go on. While that might be true, there are more to Bangkok than just the stuffs that I listed.

Personally, I love the culture, people and the vibe that the city exert. And the choices of street food is plain incredible compared to what we have back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Not to miss out the selection of foods and convenience of their 7-11 stores and Family Marts.

We spent 8 days 7 nights, staying in a hostel named 3Howw Hostel, located at Asok Montri Road, Sukhumvit Soi 21, just a few minutes walk away from Terminal 21. It’s also strategically located within 2 to 3 minutes walk away from MRT Sukhumvit station and BTS Asok station, which is great for you to get out the city during the rush hour. Don’t kid about Bangkok’s traffic though, I have experienced being in a traffic jam for more than an hour for a less than 10km journey.

3Howw Hostel - Wanderlustgeek

Asok Montri road is pretty busy itself, however, during the non-peak period, you can easily get a cab, or motor taxi to access places that BTS nor MRT cover. Better still, do yourself a favor, download either Uber or Grab app to book your choice of vehicle and hop right on as they arrived.

Well, back to the trip, we arrived at the Don Mueang Airport around afternoon and we proceeded to take the bus to head to BTS Mo Chi station. From there, we brought the tickets at 42 baht each to get to the BTS Asok station. I was quite excited at the thoughts of grabbing an ice cold beer, as the weather in Bangkok, Thailand is scorching hot. Little that we know, it was Wesak Day celebration. As a heavily influenced Buddhism country, all alcohol sale are ceased till the next day.

It broke my heart, I’m sad…. Fuck it!

Papaya Salad Soi 38 - Wanderlustgeek
Grilled Pork Soi 38 - Wanderlustgeek
Mango Sticky Rice Soi 38 - Wanderlustgeek
Egg Noodles Soi 38 - Wanderlustgeek

Then we headed over to Soi 38, where you can take the BTS and alight at Thonglor station. Soi 38 is famous for hosting a number of street food vendors that serves saliva-dripping dishes. You can find most of the Thailand’s street foods there, such as Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Neeo Mamuang), Grilled Pork (Moo Bing), Papaya Salad (Som Tam), Grilled Fish (Pla Pao), Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Holy Basil (Pad Kra Pao Moo Sap), Dried Egg Noodles (Banh Mi Haeng) and crazy lots more food selection.

And since there’s no alcohol, means there aren’t any bar hopping to do. Because I need booze.

With plenty of time to kill, we walked from Soi 38 all the way back to our hostel. Along the way, we stumbled upon 2 night markets that gave such a feast to our eyes and 1 of it is the famous “Thailand Artbox” night market. In there, you’ll see there are tricked out container with creative graffiti drawings and also a number of vendors selling clothes, foods and gadgets. There are also some nifty stuffs you can find if you pay close attention.

Thailand Artbox - Wanderlustgeek
Customised Camera Strap Thailand Artbox - Wanderlustgeek
Photo Wall Thailand Artbox - Wanderlustgeek

Out of all, their mobile toilet / washroom caught my attention! Fucking weird, right? But it says, Love On First Sit and that’s fucking brilliant and puny, no? You gotta agree with me on this one, really. But having said that, I regretted that I did not pay a visit to this mobile toilet, damn! I should have. At least, love is guaranteed when you sit on it.

Toilet Thailand Artbox - Wanderlustgeek

On our 2nd day, we went over to the famous gourmet market in Bangkok, Thailand – Or Tor Kor market. Located pretty near the Chatuchak Weekend Market, you can either take the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet station for direct access, or alight at the BTS Mo Chit station and hop over to the MRT to the said station. It’s just 1 station away, don’t be cheapskate.

Upon entering the market, you’ll be greeted with various, colourful fruits. From local to imported fruits, you can find it all there. They even have durian if you’re a fan. I’m not, so fuck it too. You must be thinking, it’s fucking weird that 4 dudes went to a fruits market?

Or Tor Kor Market - Wanderlustgeek
Mangoes in Or Tor Kor Market - Wanderlustgeek
Variety of Fruits at Or Tor Kor Market - Wanderlustgeek

NO! You’re fucking wrong!

Explore a little more of the market, you’ll find a food court section (It’s laid out as food court system, but it’s much much cleaner than Malaysia’s one), where there are various vendors offering delectable dishes.

We ordered a few for our breakfast meal. First off, is the King Prawn Glass Noodle (Goong Ob Woon Sen). Priced at only 180 baht, it came with 4 king prawns and it was delicious that I want to order a second one. In there, you can also try out the famous Papaya Salad (Som Tam). I’m not sure what’s the store name called but it’s at 9/26. Their stall sign is huge and blue in colour, no way you’ll miss it, unless you’re pussy enough to skip this godlike Papaya Salad (Som Tam). And for hot and spicy lovers, be sure to ask for extra chillies for the extra kick. You’ll probably end up in the toilet later on with explosive diarrhea, but it’s certainly worth it!

Seafood Noodles Stall at Or Tor Kor Market - Wanderlustgeek
Variety of seafood selections at Or Tor Kor Market - Wanderlustgeek
Som Tam Stall at Or Tor Kor Market - Wanderlustgeek

If you want to soothe it out, head over to the Chatuchak Weekend Market and get yourself cool down with the creamy and refreshing coconut ice cream. There are number of vendors selling coconut ice cream in the market, but the best that I have found so far is the stall named Coco JJ. Their ice cream is extra creamy and it came with a cup of coconut water as well. Priced at 40 baht each with 2 selections of topping of your choice, you will find our local coconut ice cream vendors are such a rip off.

Coco JJ Chatuchak Weekend Market - Wanderlustgeek
Coconut Ice Cream Coco JJ Chatuchak Weekend Market - Wanderlustgeek

Another highlight of this trip is probably the legendary Thai Beef Fire Pot restaurant, Heng Chun Seng. Located on the edge of Khlong Toey market, you can take the MRT to Khlong Toey station, but then you’ll need to walk clear through across the market to the corner of Thanon Sunthon Kosa and Soi 7. Or you can grab a taxi there right as you exit the MRT station.

We ordered 2 fire pots of just the beef meat with no internal organs (Maw fai neau buay). It was sooooooo gooooood, it’s crazy! The beef is tender and fragrant, and the extra fried garlic and water morning glory makes the soup even better. And the beef meatballs is so spongy, it bounced in your mouth. I also love the dipping sauce – just dry chili flakes, chili vinegar, and a splash of fish sauce – which makes a perfect tender beef dipping sauce.

You must be thinking I made this up, don’t you? How about a bet? You gave it a try, if you don’t like it, you get to flying fuckface me, how about that?

Thai Beef Fire Pot Heng Chun Seng - Wanderlustgeek
Heng Chun Seng - Wanderlustgeek
Beef Meat Balls Heng Chun Seng - Wanderlustgeek

Looking back at these photos have caused serious reactions to my saliva glands. I think that’s all for now. I will be breaking up my travel itinerary in my next post, and probably another separate post on Top 10 Foods to Eat in Bangkok; or Top 10 Places to Go in Bangkok.

Stay tuned, and till then, raise your glass and bottoms up, bitches!

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